Network Policy

All our VPS's share the full gbit line of each node. However we have some flexible 'fair usage' limits to prevent one VPS from slowing others down.

The following table shows the expected average bandwidth speed for each plan, please note VM's can utilize almost the entire gbps line and that we will never suspend VPS's for bandwidth overages, or charge for extra bandwidth. Our normal procedure when there are problems (which is extremely rare) is to limit the speed at 2-4x the fair usage average listed below. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

VPS Plan Shared Port Size 'Fair Usage' Average
Micro 1000mbps ~1mbps
Mini 1000mbps ~2mbps
Med 1000mbps ~5mbps
Big 1000mbps ~10mbps
Huge 1000mbps ~15mbps
Super-Micro 50mbps ~.5mbps

How does this work?

In a shared environment there are always going to be VM's which don't use much bandwidth (testing, small-to-medium websites, personal use, etc) and others which will use lots (video & image hosting, web scraping, etc). For this reason we rarely have any bandwidth related issues.

What if I'm hosting content for a busy video or image service?

We would highly recommend a dedicated server, especially if you are growing. If you'd like advice with renting dedicated hardware, feel free to contact us.

Is Afterburst suitable for transferring large volumes of data from one cloud storage provider, to another / acd_cli / rclone / etc?

Unfortunately as this is a shared environment, running an unrestricted high volume transfer will impact other customers. We kindly ask that you stay under 4x the level above to prevent any possible impact on other customers.

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