The following document outlines the terms of service provided by Afterburst to you. The right-hand column is for explanation only and is not legally binding.

Acceptance of Terms

Afterburst ("The Company") agrees to provide services to you ("The Client") under the following TOS ("Terms of Service"). Clients will be held responsible for all actions performed by their account and are responsible for the security of the account.

Afterburst reserves the right to change the TOS or AUP ("Acceptable Use Policy") at any time, but also agrees to immediately notify all clients of all changes to these documents via email, to the address provided by the client. It is the clients responsibility to keep their email address correctly updated. At the moment of change, if the client wishes to end services, they may do so with no additional charge, irrelevant of the next pay date.

Simply put

By signing up with Afterburst you agree to all the terms set out below.

Non Payment

Clients services will be suspended after 1 days overdue. They will remain suspended until either the invoice is paid, or 14 days of non-payment, after which the service will be terminated, and all data lost.

Simply put

Services are suspended 1 day overdue, and terminated 14 days overdue.


All services provided by Afterburst come with a 14 day money back guarantee, with no questions asked. If the client wishes to terminate their service within 14 days of activation, they should submit a support ticket. The only exception to the refund is in the case that the client has excessively used server resources and/or bandwidth during the time their service was activated, in which case a partial or no refund may be made. Filing a charge-back is not a fair form of refund, and will result in immediate termination of all related client services.

Simply put

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee, as long as you don't break the terms of service.


To request cancellation of a service, the client must submit a support ticket to the billing department or via the client control panel at least 1 day prior to the next invoice due-date. All downgrade requests must also be made 1 days prior to the next invoice due-date. All client data will be deleted after the cancellation date.

Simply put

Cancellations can be made via the control panel, and must be done before the next due date.

Acceptable Use Policy

By agreeing to this document, the client also agrees to follow all the rules set out by our AUP ("Acceptable Use Policy"). Any breach in the rules set out by the AUP will result in immediate suspension or termination of service.

Simply put

In addition to this TOS, you agree to follow our AUP.

Disclaimer of Liability

All services provided by Afterburst are provided "as is" with no guarantee or warranty, with the exception of our SLA ("Service Level Agreement"). This includes data loss due to hardware failures on all servers and backup servers.

Simply put

You must ensure your data is backed up.

DMCA Complaints

Afterburst handles DMCA complains very seriously, and will comply with all official takedown notices from the respective copyright owner. To report a breach of copyright, please send an email to, or submit a ticket to the abuse department.

Simply put

We follow correctly written DMCA takedown notices.

Provision of Service

Afterburst will attempt to provide service to all who request it. However, we reserve the right to reject any orders from any individuals or companies as we deem necessary.

Simply put

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

IP Addresses

All VPS accounts are initially provisioned with 1 IP. If you require more IP's, please contact us for pricing. All IPs addresses issued by Afterburst are the sole property of Afterburst. Clients retain no ownership rights to any IP addresses issued by Afterburst. Clients may not transfer IPs from Afterburst. Any extra IPs must be justified according to RIPE/ARIN rules and are subject to availability.

Simply put

All accounts come with 1 IP. More can be assigned with valid justification.