Our Customers Love Us

Let our customers do the talking, the following bits are collected from emails, forums and support ticket replies.

Please note: some customers have submitted multiple quotes & some talk about "Fanatical VPS", our previous name.

“Soon I'll have to pay for another quarter and I'll gladly do it, my experience with Afterburst has been perfect. Both the network and server are very fast and rock solid, the price is really competitive and it's my VPS of choice to run websites. It has been fully stable according to uptimerobot during these 3 months, and the support is always nice and fast. I'm preparing a 5/5 review for my site about VPS providers.”
Francisco, VPS Mojo via support ticket
“Afterburst is one of my go-to companies, for everything from personal VPSes to mission critical VPSes, where uptime and performance is essential, Afterburst has always delivered beyond what I thought was possible. But even with a good performing VPS, support is essential. Afterburst has one of the best levels of support I've ever experienced, with low response times and more than "unmanaged". I would recommend Afterburst to anyone. Thank you Jack & Nick!”
Vilhelm, MrKaKisen via support ticket
“I have used countless VPS providers in the past and tend to stick with one or two of my favorites. For my current project, I had specific bandwidth and compute power needs that none of my "go to" hosts could provide. Afterburst has easily met my needs at a price that came in way under budget.

Servers aren't all about power and price though, and Afterburst's support has continued to blow me away. My first ticket was responded to in less than five minutes and I recently received a reply on Christmas Eve. That's dedication that I can't thank Jack, Nick, and the rest of the support team enough for.

Needless to say, Afterburst will be my top pick when considering VPSs in the future and I would recommend their services without hesitation to any of my colleagues.”
Charles Zink via support ticket
“When I moved from a shared host (whom had some of the most outstanding customer service), I didn’t expect to ever get that level of service again. I’m happy to have been wrong. Afterburst’s support has been better, and much more accurate. I must especially say thank you for assisting me with any (reasonable) request - it has helped a lot. You have no idea how happy I am not to have to deal with host issues. It allows me to get back to work, without having to "rebuild the foundation".”
June Slater, igloo22225 via email
“Additionally, and using this chance via this ticket, I just want to say hello and thanks to all your team. I have been with you and this really cheap plan during five years. This is my oldest machine since I started to rent hosting services. And my experience has been just wonderful. You have all my respect, and I hope the best for you.”
Angel Perez via support ticket
“You pay a low price for a quality VPS, and I've experienced free upgrades twice. I write to support for a couple of questions, I get a very well described answer within 10 minutes. (I just wrote one and got a answer in less than 2 minutes on a sunday :O)”
Jakob via trustpilot
“I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you guys you have awesome customer service. I've been renting servers since you were FanaticalVPS and you've always took the time to help, even with technical advice when trying to set up a service or something. Thank you!”
Benjamin Coriou via support ticket
“You don't just take care of clients problems but you (Nick) & Jack, are two of the most helpful "out of scope support" teams I have every come across and we do greatly appreciate it.”
Rick Schulman, GCE Hosting via support ticket
“Afterburst has been an awesome experience in terms of solid performance, good support, informative and timely notifications, flexibility and above all KEEPING PROMISES. I would certainly recommend the service to anyone in need of a VPS! With professionalism and responsibility in every aspect, Afterburst is a company I can and will trust my mission-critical virtual servers to.”
Moonchild (M.C. Straver), Pale Moon web browser via email
“I've had a phenomenal experience using Fanatical/Afterburst. The pricing is great, the connection speed amazing and the service is very reliable and fits all of my needs perfectly. To top it off, whenever I have questions the team is incredibly cordial and always very quick to respond.”
Jeff Chapman via email
“I've been using you guys for my hosting for about over a year and a half now and you've always provided a good experience. I love your quick support and now have two servers. The prices are also great and the unlimited bandwidth combined with that just tops all other providers to me. I doubt I would ever find this from any other place. Thanks Afterburst!”
Erika via email
“I needed a secondary VPS for a hot-backup site and I wanted to be able to test IPv6 functionality. Afterburst had exactly what I needed and they helped me get the IPv6 configuration working. The combination of features, the exceptional price-point, and the follow-up support has proven to me that I made the right decision in choosing them.”
Dan W via email
“The price we pay for our service does not reflect the products and services we have been supplied, no idea how they do it for the money but very glad they do. The service is robust, reliable and we are kept very well informed. A great supplier and trust me we are a fussy bunch.”
Darren Revell, Recruitwise Technology via email
“By far the best vps service that I have used. Not only in hardware and physical specifications, but also in their support. I have yet to submit a ticket that is not responded to in a few hours, something unheard of from people I know. I was recommended Afterburst (then Fanatical) and have yet to be disappointed. Their upcoming US option has me psyched, because that was the only reason I purchased from any other service. All in all, amazing job, and you get far more than you pay for. To all of the people that work at Afterburst, I cannot begin to express my thanks.”
William Giokas via support ticket
“To be honest I almost never use the website, since I generally SSH into my VPS. But I can say that I am very pleased with Afterbust, my VPS just works as expected and you're prompt to answer support tickets. I'm very happy with this service, which is high quality even though it only costs me $5 a month.”
David via email
“After receiving such bad service from competitors Fanatical VPS is nothing short of a FRESH BREATH OF AIR. Service so fast that you can feel assured that all your technical situations will be handled with minimum interupption to your service. I have not seen customer service of this level even from multi-million dollar corporations. Thanks Fanatical VPS and thank god we moved to you!!!”
Barry & Rick, GCE Hosting via support ticket
“I have been impressed with Fanatical hosting as I have been a consumer in this area for well over 10 years and no one else has been so quick with support responses, so helpful with any problems or questions I have had. A definate provider I would recommend to even my grandmother.”
Ben Smith via email
“I needed a European VPS, and Fanatical delievered! I'm really happy that I chose them - they have affordable prices, and when I asked Nick for an upgrade he migrated all of my data in no time. With support like that, you can't afford not to buy a VPS from Fanatical!”
Vladh Harbuz, tastydev via email
“Fanatical VPS have been great for me; awesome prices, great support, and the connection speed is amazing. Whenever I need help, Nick is always sure to get back to me within a few hours. Both thumbs up!”
Charlie Somerville via email
“Honestly I've had nothing but good experiences with you. Keep up the good work :)”
Alex Mason, Gametack via email